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SSPL delivers comprehensive software solutions platform designed to help educational institutions collaborate and grow with increased efficiency. Educational institutes culture one of the country's most valuable assets - young brains. It therefore becomes imperative for them to adopt an open approach to technology to impart the best education using the best possible tools and technologies. SSPL offers sophisticated but easy to use solutions that streamline all processes, enhance academic development and manage finances and personnel at the same time.

The sudden spurt of advancement in the field of science and technology has also brought about with it unprecedented pressure on education institutes to excel or perish. Pressures ranging from serving the needs of students and employees, managing administration activities to providing academic support using computer based tutorials.

SSPL understands these needs and has combined years of research expertise to provide cutting edge software solutions that meet the needs of the educational institutes. The result - open internet/intranet/client server based solutions that helps educational institutions to streamline processes and enhance academic development.

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