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Educational Institution  Management  Solution (EIMS)
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EIMS works like an ERP for educational Institutes. It seeks to integrate the complete School Administration activity including the entire Financial Management, Student Management and Human Resource Management including the Payroll System.
EIMS was developed after an exhaustive analysis of the requirements of the Indian Education System. The Software was designed to allow a total Computer Based Solution of every aspect of an educational institution with features ranging from entering new student data to monitoring his attendance, fees, course and curriculum design etc. Not only does it computerize the various functions of the educational institute but also creates a very powerful database, which helps in running the organization in a very smooth and streamlined fashion.

The immediate and simple availability of any type of data, such as student exam performance comparisons, allows the administration and faculty to make faster and better informed decisions so as to head off problems before they become severe. This database forms a very important tool, which aids in taking very intelligent decisions regarding the functioning of the institution.
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