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SSPL provides a wide array of services ranging from Digitisation of Images, Cleaning and Retouching to Key-wording and cataloguing of the digitized images. Digitization of the images (Both transparencies and Photographs,Prints) is undertaken using state of the art scanners like Scitex, Scanmate 5000 Desktop Drum Scanner & Agfa Scanner with the facility of color correction and sharpness. The images are scanned in high resolution both in RGB and CMYK mode to facilitate any sort of processing that needs to be performed on the images.

Image cleaning and retouching is an activity that follows digitization and primarily involves all or some of the following steps depending upon the client's requirements:

Rotation, Cropping, Masking, Cleaning, Color Correction

The Image Key-wording activity involves assigning certain key- words to an image to assist quick search primarily to assist the image searching process on a particular theme or subject.
Cataloguing involves grouping of images matching a certain theme or subject with the same intention of facilitating the user to locate images matching a certain category.

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