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ELX Power Desktop

The most complete, intutive, easy to use, applications-rich OS which will give unprecedented power to your PC right after the installation. This is perhaps the only OS in the world which suites the needs of almost all profile of users ranging from normal desktop users, business users, graphic designers, developers to server users.

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ELX BizDesktop

A light weight OS for heavy weight desktop use. BizDesktop has lesser applications than power (only single best application is chosen to perform each task). BizDesktop is designed to suite the needs of business and home users.

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ELX Insta-Hipaa Server

ELX Insta-Hipaa Server includes a complete suite of transaction forms, secure HIPAA server, inbuilt EDI communicator and translator developed to provide a one stop HIPAA solution. This offers the manadatory HIPAA rollout almost out of the box. All these coupled with the state of the art technology. Whether you are a provider, payer, employer or a clearing house ELX Insta-HIPAA Server offers you ready to use, easy to customize and interface HIPAA product.

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