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RAV AntiVirus Suite for Windows, a highly efficient Antivirus integrated suite, has been designed to protect servers and workstations, and thus is recommended both for professionals and Home users. With a unique modular construction and cutting edge technology including advanced features, RAV for Windows is an exceptional product, offering a complete local protection against viruses.

As a resident scanner, RAV Monitor is a key component in keeping your PC safe and protected against malicious code at all entry points (Internet, email, media storage units, and/or LAN). Taking very little space and using fewer resources than all the present known antiviruses, RAV Monitor is the perfect tool for you!

RAV for Outlook, an extension for the Microsoft Outlook mail client, can continuously watch and protect your stream of incoming and outgoing messages. Scanning thoroughly for viruses in the e-mails bodies and attachments, RAV AntiVirus for Microsoft Outlook can execute different types of scanning processes, depending on the received files categories.

RAV AntiVirus for Office 2000 is completely integrated with Microsoft Office 2000, assuring a complete protection against malicious code that may be inserted in an Office 2000 type file. The RAV component is initialized when the MS Office 2000 application is loaded and it ends when the application does. When used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, RAV AntiVirus for MS Office can also clean any document accessed from the Internet Explorer, independent of the Office version installed on your system.

RAV Antivirus for Internet Browsers v.8 is a set of plugins for the most used Internet browsers, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, along with Netscape Messenger. This way, all downloads from the web are now safe and secured. Even more, attachments from Netscape Messenger are scanned for viruses, ensuring the safety of your email.

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